Life is like a box of… GUM DROPS!

So since my last post my life has been … how should I word this.. turning out quite differently then when I had originally planned. Which I guess that was the worlds way of saying ” Kirstie SHUT UP and SIT DOWN!” So I being the stubborn person that I am put up a fight but slowly the way of the world and the way of my loving Heavenly Father had a different path for me to follow. And I will jump up on any couch and personally scream to the world that as of right now this very second of September 15 of the early hours of 3:49 a.m I love my life! In those previous four words there is not the slightest hint of exaggeration. I mean it! Not many people these days are remotely close to loving their lives so I feel even more blessed to have the ability to not only agree with it but scream it to the world. 

Let me back track a little bit here. I was able to snag a job down in good ‘ol St. Geezy, but I will be honest and forward with you about how that went. No If’s ands or buts, hands down was the most UNPROFESSIONAL, IQ DROPPING, UNCOMFORTABLE job of my life. For security purposes I have decided to keep the name of the company confidential. But needless to say if you should ever stumble upon this business hopefully they have improved. Their training methods (though it’s up to you to choose to feel offended) tied in religious beliefs which he brutally tore apart. I am fine if someone does not believe or does not have the same faith as me but I do not see myself preaching against someone else’s beliefs. And never have I heard so many F bombs dropped after hanging up with a customer. After only one day I felt the urge to scream at how frustrated I was with that work environment.  I knew I could not go back to that job the following day. Long story short I emailed the owner, offered my apologies but let him know why I would not be returning the next day. Thankfully he respected my decision. 

So to wrap this up, I once again through all my belongings in the back of my trunk and moved back up to Provo where I found an AMAZING job at APX Alarm Company, found a beautiful condo with my best friend which we move into this weekend. My boot is off my leg and I am a free woman to walk in…wait for it… that’s right a LEFT AND RIGHT SHOE! I am caught up on all my bills and  I have had a few dates with an awesome guy. Do I have ups and downs yes.. but I feel there is more room to enjoy the goodness in my life at this moment rather then dwell on the bad. It looks like my life is falling into place. :) Peace and Love~

Starting A New~

Here I am in beautiful St. George… But I couldn’t have picked thee worst time of year to come. 105 degrees is what the tempature is residing at pretty much this whole week! It’s been non stop going going going since I have moved back home. Unpacked cleaned and went out job hunting. Lets take a vote on who will call me first for an interview. The jobs are as follows…

1) Stadium 8- Movie Theatre (How original)

2) Pizza hut- P-I-Z-Z-A (Gain 10 lbs.)

3) Hallmark- Cards (Creativity)

4) Barnes & Noble - If you don’t know what it is that sad…

5) Pretzel Maker-Pretzels (Got fat off these in Provo but so YUMMY)

6) Red Robin- YUM ( Delicious food with awesome strawberry lemonade)

7) El Pollo Loco- The crazy chicken ( DELICIOSO! )

So what do you think will be the first one??? I have options so hopefully I will get a bite on one of them. Update my leg is doing a lot better too restless at night to sleep but what can you do! With the heat of st. george and the splash of cool refreshing water from the pool it is sufficient enough. I am ok money wise for the month, hopefully i won’t have to think this way next month!! Hopefully the heat will kill me before money will.

This is Me (Lyrics)

I went through a lot of challenging (but yet funn) experiences while I lived up here… My Criminal Justice teacher said to write about changing your life around saying this is me and nothing’s going to stop me… Who would have known that those words helped me write this song! I absolutely loved writing it and helped me with a lot of things so here it is… 

I sit on the floor for days at a time/ hoping that the world would be mine/ My life was changed that day for the worse/ I’ll admitt but now  I have a say and I’ll change it/ your not me never have and never will be/ This is my my life and i’m taking control/

Chorus: This is me My time my everything/ things are falling into place/ and I couldnt be happier today/ things i love are coming back and everything is right on track/ because of you I am stronger because of me I will last longer/ In this world of up’s and downs. i know that i’ll be thrown around but my feet will always land on the ground/

I sit on my bed for minutes at a time/ knowing that the world is mine/ My life was changed for the best today/ I’ll admitt but now i had a say and I changed it/ I am me always have and always will be/ this is my my life and I’m taking control 


This is me x2 my feet will always land on the ground…. 

My awesome apartment which I will miss sooo much! 

Am I moving the answer is yes….

Everyday is an adventure.. ha that’s how I am trying to look at things now a days. With everything coming so quickly it’s all I have left to do. I have THEE best friends anyone could ask for. Of course one of my best friends/sister moved back to San Diego so all I had left is Haley… But now with everything going on with my leg the less I work the less money I have which is resorting to me moving back home to St. Geezy. Don’t get me wrong I love St. George, the beautiful red mountains and my best friends and the best for last MY FAMILY. It will be way nice to go home and just put my leg up and try to figure out what I need to do with my life. I want more then anything to stay here and not leave my awesome apartment complex, my friends and my roommates. Who have basically become my family. It’s hard everything has been happening so fast. I posted my contract on craigslist and a few hours later Kristy replied and came and looked and before you knew it she wanted it and will be moving in on Tuesday. So that will be my last day in this awesome city that I have grown to love. My plan is to come back up in a month or so and be able to have a job and move in with Haley and have an apartment! I know that Heavenly Father’s hand was in a lot of this and everything working out the way it has been. I am so thankful for everything that has happened and I don’t regret it for one second. I <3 Provo and will be back! I promise! Peace & love. my  kitchen ( alot of fun times here…) 

Ke$ha lyrics- Your song really sucks…

Maybe you need some rehab 

Maybe just need some sleep

You’ve got a sick obsession

Your seeing it in your dreams

Your looking down every alley

Your making those desperate calls

Your staying up all night hoping 

Hitting your head against the walls

Cause what you’ve got your girl

Isn’t hard to find

We think about this all the time

Your all strung up 

Your voice is fried

We just can’t get this off our mind

Cause your songs your songs your songs really suck your songs your songs your songs x2

Won’t listen to any advice momma’s not telling you to think twice

She’s left to your device your addicted it’s a crisis

Your friends know you’ve gone crazy

Your judgement’s obviously Hazy

Your speech is already affected

If you keep it up like a stupid sick crackhead

Cause what you’ve got girl isn’t hard to find

We think about this all the time

Your all strung up your voice is fried

We just can’t get this off our mind


We don’t care what people say

Your CD isn’t worth the price we pay

I bet your high when you write songs

But crash and fail when your wrong

So i’ve got a question do you always have to have a party in your basement

do you even know what an 808 drum is 

Cause your songs they suck 

Cause your songs they suck

Ke$ha, Talented or Talentless?

everyone seems to have their views on dear old Ke$ha and her “one hit” wonders. Why is she getting so popular?? I don’t understand it. She sounds just like anyone else, yet her lyrics seem to only be about getting drunk and/or high. What kind of model is that? So with ALOT of time on our hands my best friend Haley and I decided to record a song to model after Ke$ha’s “Love is my Drug” and Turn it into “Your songs really suck” We felt that the title was more appropriate. We turned the lyrics into our own and to let her know how we feel about her “rising fame.” ( Which I think is ridiculous!) But hey that’s just my opinion. We took the song to be funny and not legitly serious. Our make up is over done and We don’t look exactly like we are all there. Now if you think there is something wrong with that, maybe take a step back and look at how she is making her living. Here is some photos to show what the music video turned out to be! hahah. The decision is up to you whether or not your a fan of her Ke$ha but either way take the song just as something fun to do at 1 in the morning in Utah! Peace & Love.

Hurt 2
For Cool Songs

Ok I recorded this when I was 16 and I was sick that day so you it will be obvious to tell when i can’t hit the note or mess up ha but figured i would start putting my own recordings up! 

Tired of Hurting *Lyrics*

Tired of hurting these days

You where my world/ you where my all/ the one to catch me when I fall /

I told you everything / from my hopes to my dreams/ hoping you would be the one

But as time passed by / I started to realize/ that things started to change/

things that you said /That didn’t work in the end/ my heart started to rearrange/

I am tired of hurting these days/ I m not living my life/ I started wasting away/

Hoping that day you would call/ if not I would fall/ to my knees and ask myself why/

Are you waiting around for this so called special guy/ love’s not suppose to feel this way/

I am tired, tired of hurting these days /

You don’t know / how I feel / you think everything’s fine but get real/

I hear you say / everything s ok/saying we will make it in the end

I don’t hear from you/ for weeks at a time/ don’t know if I should call you mine/

I have to wait for you/ just to talk to you/ I keep putting my heart on the line

I am tired of hurting these days/ I m not living my life/ I started wasting away/

Hoping that day you would call/ if not I would fall/ to my knees and ask myself why/

Are you waiting around for this so called special guy/ love’s not suppose to feel this way/  I am tired, tired of hurting these days/

I know for one thing I will always love you/ I don’t regret what we have done or what we’ve gone through/ but I am on my own and need to move on/ this isn’t the easiest thing to say/ I know it will work and we will be ok/ but 

Coming to terms

Life has been a wild ride, just like when your own top of a roller coaster and right before you reach the edge you know what’s coming and you take in that deep breathe and hope you make it to the bottom. It seems like when life hits you it hits you hard, but I am starting to realize the things I go through is just making me stronger and won’t lie becomes some pretty AWESOME lyrics.  I write what I feel and lyrics helped put out my emotions more then talking to anyone! I have them on paper and when I want to feel that emotion I sing it if not it’s tucked perfectly into a notebook filled with my thoughts feelings and experiences waiting to come back out when the time is right. Playing the guitar and piano help take all that added up stress out in a creative manner and the pain I feel in my fingers is some what relaxing and helps build that tough outer shell I am beginning to realize I need in my life. I will be positing my lyrics so please feel free to tell me what you think of them, If it’s harsh or mean I don’t really care I just take it as constructive criticism, so when I say be honest I mean BE HONEST!!  Till next time, Mai Piu~